The Truth about No Strings Attached Sex

If you're looking for no-strings attached sex, or NSA sex as it's commonly referred to, then there are some facts and guidelines that should be followed.

No strings attached is the simple arrangement for a casual sex arrangement made whereby both partners agree to enjoy having sex together without the additional burden of commitment or love. One of the golden rules of NSA relationships is often to keep emotions out of the game.

Is NSA sex really as much fun without emotion or love?

I've always looked at a relationship status on several scales. While most people don't distinguish between fuck buddies, friends with benefits or no-strings sex there can be subtle differences between the terms.

For fuck buddies, it's really all about the sex. The only reason to meet is to fuck and avoids the pretence of dates or socialising. If you all want to pure, raw and commitment free sex then finding a fuck buddy is the way to go.

Friends with benefits is as the name suggests, with the 'friends' part being key. Two friends who like to hang out together or mix in their own shared social group but also have sex.

No strings attached relationships are more like fuck buddy relationships, sex without the commitment but can be mixed with casual dating arrangements or being a Plus 1 for social invitations. Some NSA couples don't always include sex every time they meet.

The point of the NSA sex arrangement is having a non-traditional relationship with some good sex, nights out and no commitments.

Many sugar daddy relationships are more NSA, although some do include pay for play arrangements with gifts or money exchanged for sex.

How long an NSA lasts and whether love and a traditional style of relationship happens doesn't matter. You can be mutually exclusive or be free to have other sex partners. Most importantly though setting boundaries and communicating honestly with your partner is what matters.

More often than not the fuck buddy, no-strings attached and friends with benefits are considered to have the same meaning. The simple truth about no-strings attached sex is that it is what you and your partner want to make it whether it's a casual sex thing or something else entirely.

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